04 April 2014

You Gotta Kiss Some Frogs (FTU, Forum Set)

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This tutorial was written by me on April 4th, 2014 and was written assuming you have a working knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop.  It's an old-school type of tut using only a tube and PSP filters and is my first forum set tutorial.  I hope you enjoy it as I had a blast creating it!

I used the awesome artwork of Jaz Higgins, this tube is entitled Mini Frog Prince and is available at PSP Tube Stop.

Mura's Meister Copies

VM Distortion, Vision Impossible

DSB Flux, Radial Transmission

Eye Candy Textures, Texture Noise

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Font: Ampir Deco, HERE.

Animation Shop

*Note - When referring to drop shadows, I use the following abbreviations:

V = Vertical
H = Horizontal
O = Opacity
B = Blur

~~ Let's get started! ~~

Open a new image, 600 x 250, transparent background.

Resize tube 60%, copy and paste as a new layer.

Apply Mura's Meister Copies.  Select Wallpaper Rotate from the drop down menu and use the default settings, changing the number to 20.

VM Distortion Mission Impossible: apply using these settings:

Adjust > Blur > Motion Blur > Angle: 135, Strength: 100; repeat once.
Adjust > Blur > Motion Blur > Angle: 320, Strength: 100; repeat once.

Duplicate this layer.  Apply DSB Flux Radial Transmission using the default settings.  Change the blend mode to Overlay and rename this layer overlay.

Activate the original layer and duplicate twice for a total of three.  Rename each layer Noise 1, Noise 2 and Noise 3.  Hide Noise 2 and 3 and activate Noise 1.

Select Eye Candy Textures, Texture Noise and use these settings:

Under the Settings tab, choose Dot Noise.

Change the settings under the Basic tab to this:

(Click for larger image)

Hide Noise 1, open and activate Noise 2.  Repeat Texture Noise using the same settings, clicking the Random Seed button once.

Repeat these steps for Noise 3.  Hide Noise 2 and 3 and open Noise 1.

Activate the top layer and paste the tube (it will still be on the clipboard) as a new layer.  Move over to the right side, as shown on my tag.  Apply a drop shadow of choice, or use my settings: V&H: 0, O: 70, B: 15.

Activate the text tool and choose Ampir Deco font.  Set size to 36, stroke to 0, colour #201366.  Type "You gotta kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince!" or a text of your choice.  Position on the left side, as shown.

Apply Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow using these settings:

Under the Colour tab: select "Thin" and change the colour to #be94c5.

Under the Basic tab:

Glow Width: 3.00
Soft Corners: 0
Overall Opacity: 100
Draw Only Outside Selection: checked

Click OK.

Apply drop shadow of choice or use my settings: V&H: 2, O: 65, B: 8

Add your name using the same text, size 65 and colour #be94c5.  Apply drop shadow above.

Time to create the frame.  Select all.  Selections > Modify > Contract > contract 3.  Invert selection, add a new raster layer and flood fill with colour above.  Deselect and apply drop shadow using these settings:  V&H: 2, O: 65, B: 10.  Apply drop shadow again using these settings: V&H: -2, O: 65, B: 10.

Add all applicable copyright and license information.

Open Animation Shop.

Insure Overlay and Noise 1 layers are open and Noise 2 & 3 are hidden.  Edit > Copy Special > Copy Merged.

In Animation Shop: right click on the work space and select "Paste as a new animation".

Back in PSP, hide Noise 1 and open Noise 2.  Copy Merged.

In AS: Edit > Paste > After current frame.

Repeat these steps for Noise 3.

In AS: Edit > Select all.

Animation > Frame Properties > change to 20.

View > Animation to check your work and see your tag in action.  Save as a gif and your tag is finished.

Now let's go back to PSP and make the matching avatar.

Open a new image 150 x 150, transparent background.  Select all.

Make the forum tag active; hide the copyright, frame, text and name layers.

Using the rectangle selection tool, draw a selection around the section of your tag you'd like to use as your avatar.  Here's what I did:

Now hide the tube layer.  Make sure Overlay and Noise 1 layers are open and Noise 2 & 3 are hidden.  Copy Merged.  Your selection should look something like this:

Make your Avatar active and Paste Into Selection.

Make the forum tag active.  Hide Noise 1 and open Noise 2.  Copy Merged.

Make the Avatar active, add a new raster layer and Paste Into Selection.

Repeat for Noise 3 (remember to add a new raster layer before pasting!).

Make the forum tag active and hide Noise 3 and Overlay.  The tube should now be the only layer open.

Copy.  Make the avatar active and add a new raster layer.  Paste into selection.  Deselect.

Add a new raster layer and select all.  Selections > Modify > Contract > contract 3.  Invert selection and flood fill with #be94c5.  Apply the same drop shadows used on the forum tag frame.

Add your initial and copyright/license info.  Follow the same steps in animation shop you used to create the forum tag and your forum set is complete!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I'd love to see your results.  Email me HERE.

Hugs, Carol♥

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