18 April 2014

Forest Fantasy

This tutorial was written by me on April 18th, 2014 and was written assuming you have a working knowledge of PSP.  You will need the following supplies:

"Forest Pixie" is a beautiful tagger-size kit by Cindy's Creative Designs and is exclusively available at her store HERE.  Thanks for another gorgeous kit Cindy!

"Deer Girl" is a lovely tube by Christina Lank and is available at PSP Tube Stop.  You must have a license to use her art.

Mask #1 by Horseplay's Pasture.

Font: I used Black Flowers Blossom, HERE.

*Note: When referring to drop shadows, I use the following abbreviations:

V = Vertical
H = Horizontal
O = Opacity
B = Blur

~~ Let's get started! ~~

Place the mask in your PSP mask folder or a folder of your choice.

Open a new image, 850 x 850, white background.

From the kit, open Frame 5 and resize 85%.  Copy and paste as a new layer.

Activate the magic wand with these settings:

Mode: Add (Shift)
Match Mode: Colour
Tolerance: 20
Use All Layers: unchecked
Contiguous: checked
Feather: 0
Anti-alias: unchecked

Click the work space anywhere outside the frame.

Open paper 12 and resize 90%; copy and paste as a new layer, move below the frame.  Tap delete, do not deselect.

Open paper 13 and resize 90%; copy and paste as a new layer and move below the original paper.  Tap delete, do not deselect.  Leave this layer for now, we'll be using it later.

Resize ground 2 55%; copy and paste as a new layer and arrange on the right bottom side.  See my tag for reference.

Open the tube; copy and paste "Deer Girl Alone" as a new layer and arrange so it appears she's sitting on the ground.

Add the rest of the elements within the frame, tapping delete to remove any part outside the frame after you have it arranged.  I used:

lake 1: resize 90%
ground 1: resize 55%, arrange behind the lake on the left side; duplicate and move the copy to the right.  See my tag for reference.
trees 2: resize 80%, duplicate and resize 85%; mirror.
vines 3: resize 55%.  Arrange these in front of the tube to cover her nipples, if desired.  I made another tag without covering her up, you can see it HERE.  Remember it contains tasteful nudity!  If that offends you, please don't click the link.
trees 4: do not resize
home 1: resize 40%
flower 5: resize 20%, then 90%; duplicate and mirror.

Deselect.  Apply a drop shadow of choice to the tube and elements.  I used V & H: 2, O: 63, B: 10.

Hide the background layer and the paper layer above it.  Merge visible and resize the merged layer 85%.

Unhide the background layer and the paper layer.

Using the rectangle selection tool, draw a selection around your merged layer, like this:

Activate the paper layer and tap delete.  Deselect.  Move the paper layer above the merged layer to form another frame.  Resize the frame 95%.

Apply an Inner Bevel:

Effects > Texture Effects > Texture > Choose Wet Fall Leaves from the drop down menu, size 100% and use the default settings.

Now add the rest of your elements, I used:

bird 1 & 2: resize 40%
frog 1: resize 40%
flower 2: resize 35%; duplicate and mirror
grass 3: resize 60%; duplicate and mirror
vines 2: do not resize; flip, duplicate and mirror

Drop shadow all new elements.  Hide background layer and merge visible.  Unhide the background layer and add a new raster layer.  Select all.  Copy and paste paper 2 into the selection.  Deselect and apply HorsePlay's Pasture mask #1 and merge the mask group.  Use the raster deform tool to adjust mask size and placement.

Crop and resize your tag.  Add your name, size will depend on how much you resized the tag.  I used Black Flowers Blossom, size 80, stroke 0, colour #26371b.  Apply drop shadow of choice or use my settings: V & H: 2, O: 43, B: 6.

Add all applicable copyright and license information.  Save as a png and you're finished!  Thanks for trying my tutorial.  :)

Hugs, Carol♥

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