27 January 2014

Be My Naughty Valentine

This tutorial was written by me on January 27th, 2014 and was written assuming you have a general knowledge of PSP.  You will need the following supplies:

"Devil Woman" is a wonderful new kit by Sweet Cravings Scraps and is available at TKO Scraps.

I used a sassy tube by Pinup Toons, now available at CDO.  I purchased this tube from CILM.

Template #211 by Toxic Desirez.

Plug-in used: Xenofex 2; Classic Mosaic

Mask #201 by Gem's Taggin' Scraps.

Font: Of Wildflowers and Wings, HERE.

My Word Art, HERE.

*Note: When referring to drop shadows, I use the following abbreviations: H = Horizontal, V = Vertical, O = Opacity, B = Blur.

~~ Remember to save often! ~~

Place the mask in your PSP mask folder or a folder of your choice.

Open the template in PSP; shift + d to duplicate and close the original.

Resize all layers 85%, change canvas size to 800 x 700.  Delete the credit layer, flood fill Raster 1 with white.

Activate Raster 8.  Select all, float and defloat.  From the kit, open Paper 3 and resize 70%.  Copy and paste as a new layer and arrange as desired.  Invert selection and tap delete.  Deselect and delete the original layer.  Apply a drop shadow of choice, I used H&V: 0, O: 65, B: 12.

Repeat these steps for the following layers:

Copy of Raster 8: Paper 3
Raster 6 and Copy of Raster 6: Paper 10
Raster 7 and Copy of Raster 7: Paper 13
Raster 3 and Copy of Raster 3: Paper 5
Raster 5 and Copy of Raster 5: Paper 15
Raster 2: Paper 6

Set foreground to #251e1b and background to #9c0e11.  Change the foreground to Gradient and select Foreground/Background from the drop down menu.  Set the Style to Linear, Angle 45, Repeat 5.  Invert unchecked.

Activate Raster 9; select all, float and defloat.  Add a new raster layer and flood fill with the gradient.  Apply Xenofex 2, Classic Mosaic with these settings:

Tile Size: 9.95
Grout Width: 40
Edge Sensitivity: 50
Grout Colour: Black

Click OK and deselect.  Delete original layer.

Repeat these steps for Copy of Raster 9.  Apply a drop shadow of choice, I used V: 2, H: 2, O: 65, B: 10.

Activate Raster 10.  Select all, float and defloat.  Add a new raster layer and flood fill the foreground colour (not the gradient).  Deselect and delete original layer; apply drop shadow.

Repeat for Copy of Raster 10, using the background colour this time.

Raster 11: use the background colour.
Copy of Raster 11: use the foreground colour.

Activate Raster 2.  Select all, float and defloat.  Selections > Modify > Expand > expand by 1.  Add a new raster layer and flood fill with #aea992.  Deselect.  Adjust > Add/Remove Noise > Add Noise > Gaussian, 50%, Monochrome checked.

Copy and paste the tube as a new layer.  Add a drop shadow of choice.  I used V: 0, H: 8, O: 32, B: 15.

Now add your elements, I used:

Martini: resize 20%.
Flower 1: resize 20%; free rotate left 45° and sharpen.
Growing Hearts 1: resize 40%; duplicate and mirror, arrange as shown.
Growing Hearts 2: resize 35%; duplicate and mirror.
Heart Wire: resize 45%; duplicate.
Lips 1 & 2: resize 15%, duplicate and resize 85%.  Duplicate and arrange as desired.

Copy and paste my word art as a new layer and arrange as shown.  Open Pitchfork and resize 15%, then 85%.  Arrange behind the word art as shown.

Apply drop shadow to all elements, I used H&V: 2, O: 65, B: 10

Hide the background layer and merge visible.  Unhide the background layer and add a new raster layer.  Select all.  Copy and paste Paper 16 into the selection; deselect.  Apply Gem's mask #201 and merge the mask group.  Use the raster deform tool to adjust mask size and placement.

Crop and resize your tag, I resized 80%.

Add all applicable copyright and license information.

Add your name using the font "Of Wildflowers and Wings", size 72, stroke 0, colour #261e1b.  Apply drop shadow above.

Save as a png and you're finished.  Thanks for trying my tutorial!

I'd love to see your results, please email me HERE.

Hugs, Carol♥

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