27 August 2013

Misty Morning

This tutorial was written by me on August 27th, 2013 and was written assuming you have a general knowledge of PSP.  You will need the following supplies:

"Misty Morning" is a beautiful kit by Babycakes Scraps.  Please visit her blog HERE to find links to her stores.  Thanks so much for this gorgeous kit Lynne!

Beautiful artwork is ©Renee Lavoie.  This tube is entitled "Misty" and you will find it at PSP Tube Stop.

Mask #43 from Moonbeams & Spiderwebs.

Font used is "RBSpiral" and is a pay font.  Any fancy or swash font will work well.

~~ Remember to save often! ~~

Place the mask in your PSP mask folder or a folder of your choice.

Open a new image, 750 x 750, white background.

From the kit, open element #35, do not resize.  Copy and paste as a new layer.

Open the tube and resize 80%.  Copy and paste as a new layer and mirror.  Move below the frame and arrange.  Duplicate and move the copy above the frame.  Using the eraser, and working on the top (copy) tube, remove any part of the tube that covers the frame on the right and at the bottom.  Apply a drop shadow of choice to the bottom (original).  I used V -4, H 4, O 55, B 15.

Using the freehand selection tool, draw a selection around the frame and invert.

Open Paper 2 and resize 70%.  Copy and paste as a new layer above the background layer. Tap delete and deselect.  Apply a drop shadow to the frame, I used H&V 2, Opacity 55, Blur 10.

Add your elements, I used:

#24: resize 20%, then 85%
#25: resize 20%, then 80%
#34: resize 35%
#57: resize 45%
#52: resize 50% and mirror.  Using the eraser, remove part of the pin on the right side to make it look like it's pinned to the frame.  I used the Soften brush to blur the hard edges.  I used these settings:

Size: 10
Hardness: 50
Step: 10
Density: 100
Thickness: 100
Rotation: 0
Opacity 100

Apply the same drop shadow used on the frame to all elements.

Hide the background layer and merge visible.  Unhide the background layer and add a new raster layer.  Select all.  Copy and paste Paper 1 into the selection and deselect.  Apply MB & SW mask #43 and merge mask group.

Crop and resize your tag.  Add your name and all applicable copyright and license information.  Save as a png and you're finished!  Enjoy your new tag!

Hugs, Carol♥

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