14 July 2013

Tag Offer

I created an animated version of "Black Heart" and decided to offer it as a Who Wants One.  To keep it manageable, I'm limiting the number to 15.  If you'd like one, just leave a comment to this post and let me know what name you'd like on the tag.  :)  

Once there are 15 requests, the offer is closed.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Hugs, Carol♥


  1. Love the tag .. but, you do such good work! I think I'm one of the 15 .. so, I would like Mary on the tag .. please and Thank You!

  2. Gorgeous tag.
    May I please have one?
    Name: Gina p/u name:Gina G.
    Thank you

  3. Hi ladies and thanks for requesting! My apologies for the delay, I've been super busy both at work and at home and haven't had time for the computer lately. I'll get your tags made and post the links for your to pick them up soon! :)

  4. Thanks again for requesting Mary! Here is the link to download your tag:


    (Copy and paste in your browser)

    Thanks for your patience hun!

    ~Carol xoxo

  5. Gina, thanks so much for your patience! Here is the link to download your tag:


    (Copy and paste in your browser)

    I hope you enjoy it and thanks once again for requesting! :)