14 April 2013

Celebrate Spring!

This tutorial was written by me on April 14th, 2013 and was written assuming you have a general knowledge of PSP.  You will need the following supplies:

Scrap kit: I used a beautiful new tagger-sized kit by BabyCakes Scraps called "Spring Into Spring".  You can purchase this lovely kit at a great discount from Bella Zingaro Studio, which is closing it's doors at the end of the month.

I used an awesome tube and close-up entitled "Balloons" by Robert Alvarado.  Robert was with MPT when I purchased this tube but unfortunately I don't know where he's selling his awesome art right now.  Please don't use his work without a license.

"Celebrate Spring" Template from Twyzted T's Playroom.

Mask #83 from Signature Collections.

Plug-in used: Eye Candy 4000, Gradient Glow.

Font used: Romance Fatal Serif, HERE.

~~ Remember to save often! ~~

Place the mask in your PSP mask folder or a folder of your choice.

Open the template in PSP, shift + d to duplicate, close the original.

Resize all layers 80%.  Change the canvas size to 800 x 700.  Activate the background layer and flood fill the blank area with white.

Delete Raster 12.

Activate Raster 6; select all, float and defloat.  From the kit, open Paper 3 and resize 60%.  Copy and paste as a new layer and arrange as desired.  Invert selection and tap delete.  Deselect and delete the original layer.

Follow these basic steps for all template layers, except for the ones I note below.

Raster 2: Paper 6, resize 60%
Raster 4: Paper 10, resize 60%
Copy of Raster 4: Paper 10, resize 60%
Raster 3: Paper 8, resize 60%.  Do not deselect.  Open the close-up tube and resize 70%; copy and paste as a new layer and arrange within the selection.  Tap delete and deselect.  Change the blend mode to Luminance (L).  Delete original layer.
Raster 5: Paper 6, resize 40%.  Repeat for Copy of Raster 5.

Activate Raster 7; select all, float and defloat.  Add a new raster layer.  Change the foreground to #c6f1fd and the background to #ffebff.  Change foreground to gradient with these settings: From the drop down menu - select Foreground/Background, Style - Linear, Angle - 45, Repeats - 9.  Click OK.  Flood fill the new layer with this gradient.  Deselect and delete original layer.

Activate Raster 11; select all, float and defloat.  Add a new raster layer.  Change the foreground back to Colour, #fefd3c.  Flood fill the new layer with this colour.  Deselect and delete original layer.  Adjust > Add/Remove Noise > Add Noise > Uniform, 50%, Monochrome checked.  Click OK.

Activate Raster 8; select all, float and defloat.  Add a new raster layer.  Change the foreground to #dc41ac and flood fill the new layer.  Deselect and delete original layer.  Add a gradient glow using Eye Candy 4000.  Under the Colour tab, select Medium, leave the colour set to white.  Under the Basic tab, change the settings to: Glow Width: 3.00, Soft Corners: 0, Overall Opacity: 100, Draw Only Outside Selection: checked.  Click OK.

Apply drop shadow of choice to word art.  I used H&V 2, Opacity 50, Blur 10.

Apply drop shadow to template layers.  I used H&V 0, Opacity 50, Blur 12.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer and mirror; position as shown.  Apply drop shadow, I used H&V 0, Opacity 38, Blur 15.

Add your elements, I used:

#10: resize 15% and mirror
#15: resize 20%
#17: resize 15%; free rotate 63 degrees left or right.  Arrange behind the middle flower as shown.  Sharpen, duplicate and mirror.
#19: resize 65%
#44: resize 50%
#46: resize 10%
#47: resize 10%, duplicate and resize 85%
#55: resize 15%, duplicate
#67: resize 20%, then 95%
#68: resize 25%

Apply drop shadow to all elements, I used H&V 2, Opacity 50, Blur 10.

Hide the background layer and merge visible.  Resize merged layer 85%.  Edit > Cut > Edit > Paste as a new layer.  This will center your tag on the canvas.

Unhide the background layer and add a new raster layer.  Select all.  Copy Paper 9 and paste into selection.  Deselect.  Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur > Set Radius to 5 and click OK.

Apply Signature Collections mask #83; merge mask group.  Use the raster deform tool to adjust mask size and placement.

Crop and resize your tag.  Add your name and apply the same gradient glow as above.  Add all applicable copyright and license information.

Save as a png and you're finished.  Thanks for trying my tutorial!

Hugs, Carol♥

PS: I also used the same beautiful kit and tube to create a new Facebook timeline cover.  I just love the colours!

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