15 February 2012

Hell On Heels (PTU)

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Hell On Heels

This tutorial was written by me on February 15th, 2012 and is the result of my own ideas.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional.

PSP version used: X2, but should work in other versions.

This tutorial was written assuming you have a general knowledge of PSP.

Supplies Needed

Scrap kit of choice: I used a stunning kit by Candy's Treats called "Wild About Red".  I love the drama of black and red and this kit rocks!!  You can get it at Twilight Scraps.  Thanks so much Diane!

Tube & close-up of choice: I used the sexy pinup art of Ismael Rac.  You can purchase his tubes HERE, you must have a license to use.

Template of choice: I used template #214 by Blissfully Beth, HERE.

Mask of choice: I used mask #89 by Vaybs, HERE.

Font of choice: I used Mr. Dafoe, a pay font.  Any thick script font will work just as well.

~~ Remember to save often! ~~

Place the mask in your PSP masks folder or a folder of your choice.

Open the template in PSP, duplicate and close the original.

Delete the credit layer, change the canvas size to 750 x 750.  Add a new raster layer and send to the bottom; flood fill with white.

Activate LG Black Box layer.  Select all, float and defloat.  Open a paper of choice from the kit, resize 75%.  Copy and paste as a new layer, arrange as desired.  Invert selection and tap delete, deselect.  Delete the original layer.

Repeat these steps for all layers except the following:

Black Rect 1 & 2
Say What You Will
Black n White Frame
Hell On Heels
Small Black Stars
Glitter Star

Lg Black Star: Select all, float and defloat; flood fill with #be1831, do not deselect.  Resize close-up tube 80% and arrange within the selection.  Invert selection and tap delete, deselect.  Change the blend mode to Multipy and duplicate this layer.

Apply a drop shadow of choice to template layers.  I used H&V 0, Opacity 65, Blur 12.

Activate Hell On Heels layer.  Select all, float and defloat.  Add a new raster layer and flood fill selection with white.  Contract selection by 2.  Flood fill "Hell" and "Heels" with #be1831.  Make sure Match mode is set to RGB value.  Deselect and delete original layer.  Apply a drop shadow of choice, I used H&V 2, Opacity 65, Blur 8.

Copy and paste your main tube as a new layer and move to the right side of the tag.  Apply a drop shadow of choice, I used Eye Candy Perspective Shadow for mine.  If you have the same filter, here are the settings I used:

(Click to see larger image)

Add your elements, I used:

bg1: do not resize; duplicate, mirror and flip.
DiamondLine: do not resize, duplicate 3 times for a total of 4 and arrange as seen in my tag.
doublehearts2: resize 70%
String: do not resize
Flower2: resize 15%, duplicate.

Apply a drop shadow of choice, I used H&V 2, Opacity 65, Blur 8.

Hide the background layer and merge visible.  Unhide the background layer and add a new raster layer.  Select all; copy and paste a paper of choice into the selection.  Deselect.  Apply the mask and merge the mask group.

Crop and resize your tag.  Add your name and position.  Select all, float and defloat.  Expand the selection by 2.  Add a new raster layer and flood fill with white.  Move this layer below your name.  Merge these two layers and drop shadow.

Save as a png or jpg and you're finished!  I hope you enjoy your new tag!

Email me HERE to show me your results.  : )

Hugs, Carol 

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