16 June 2011

New Award!

I received an award from Dee of Dees' Sign Depot!  Dee has an awesome blog where she shares her wonderful tutorials and other creations such as templates, masks, etc.!! I visit often to see what fabulous things she's come up with.  Be sure to check out her blog, you'll be very happy you did!

The aim of the award is to bring recognition to blogs with minimal followers.  Since I have accepted the award I must pass it on to at least 3 other blogs (but not more than 5). They have inspired me and I feel they deserve a bit more attention.

The rules are to say thank you on my blog to the one who passed it on to me
 with a link to their blog (see above). Pick the blogs to pass the award on to, leave a note on their blog, and then list them with links to their blogs.

These are the blogs I am nominating:

Horseplay's Pasture Designs

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