11 March 2011

A Pirate's Life For Me (FTU)

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A Pirate's Life For Me

This tutorial was written by me on March 11th, 2011 and is the result of my own ideas.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional.

PSP version used: X2, but should work in other versions.

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP.

Supplies Needed

Scrap kit of choice: I used a fabulous FTU kit by Cindy of Puddicat Creations called "A Pirate's Life".  What a wonderful kit this is, so much fun!!  You can download it from Cindy's blog HERE.  Please leave a thank you when you grab it, it's a small gesture for hard work freely shared.

Tube of choice: I used the incredibly hot artwork of Armando Huerta.  You can purchase his tubes from MPT.

Mask of choice: I used mask #27 by Bev of Horseplay's Pasture.  Download HERE.  Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful masks hun!

Plug-in needed: Eye Candy Nature; Fire.

Font of choice: I used Moskovia Script, download HERE.

Animation Shop

Drop shadow used throughout, unless otherwise noted: H&V 2, Opacity 55, Blur 8.

~~ Remember to save often! ~~

Save the mask in your PSP masks folder or a folder of your choice.

Open a new image, 750 x 750, white background.

From the kit, open frame2 and resize 75%.  Copy and paste as a new layer.

Using the magic wand, click inside the frame and expand the selection by 3.  Open paper10, resize 70%, copy and paste as a new layer.  Move below the frame layer and arrange to your satisfaction.  Invert the selection and tap delete.  Do not deselect.

Open ship2 and resize 70%, copy and paste as a new layer above the paper layer.  Arrange as desired and tap delete.  Deselect.  Change the blend mode to Luminance (Legacy).  Apply a drop shadow, I used H&V 2, Opacity 55, Blur 4.

Activate the paper layer.  Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance.

Apply drop shadow to the frame, then hide the background layer and merge visible.

Add your elements, I used:

chest2: resize 45%
gold2: resize 30%
candles3: resize 45%
candles2: resize 50%, duplicate and resize 85%
rum: resize 25%
papernquill: resize 30%
parrot4: resize 27%
chair1: resize 65%
globe1: resize 30%
bow1: resize 35%

Apply drop shadow to all elements.  Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, move to the left  (see my tag for placement).  If you're using the same tube I did, I resized 90%.  Drop shadow.

Merge the three candle layers together and duplicate twice for a total of three.  Rename them Candle 1, Candle 2 and Candle 3.  Hide Candle 2 and 3 and activate Candle 1.  Zoom in and using the freehand selection tool - Selection Type: Point to Point; Mode: Add (Shift); Feather 0; Smoothing: 0; Anti-alias checked; draw a selection around each one of the flames, like this:

Effects > Eye Candy Nature > Fire > Under the Settings tab, choose Small, Candle.  Change the settings under the basic tab to this:

Do not deselect!

Hide Candle 1, open and activate Candle 2.  Apply Eye Candy Fire again, using the same settings as above but click the Random Seed button once.  Do the same for Candle 3.  Deselect.

Activate the background layer and add a new raster layer.  Select all, copy and paste a paper of choice into the selection.  Apply the mask and merge the mask group.  Resize the mask layer 90%.

Crop and resize your tag.  Activate the text tool and add a saying to the top of the tag, I used "A Pirate's Life For Me".  Add your name and all applicable copyright and license information. Now it's time to animate your tag!

Open Animation Shop.

In PSP, hide the Candle 2 and 3 layers and open Candle 1.  Right click on the title bar of your tag and choose "Copy Merged" from the pop up menu.

In AS, right click on the workspace and choose "Paste As A New Animation" from the pop up menu.

Back in PSP, hide Candle 1 and open Candle 2.  Right click and copy merged.

In AS, right click on the tag title bar and choose Paste > After Current Frame.

Repeat these steps for Candle 3.

In AS, click the Animation tab on the top menu bar, then select "Frame Properties".  Change the Display Time to 25.

Click View > Animation to see your tag in action.

Save as a gif and you're done!  Enjoy your new tag!

Thanks for trying my tutorial and I'd love to see your results.  Email me!  :-)

Hugs, Carol

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