15 December 2010

Jolly Snowman Wishes (PTU)

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Jolly Snowman Wishes 

This tutorial was written by me on December 15th, 2010 and is the result of my own ideas.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional.

PSP Version used: X2, but should work in other versions.

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop. 

Supplies Needed 

Scrap kit of choice: I'm using an adorable kit by WackyWinnie Designz called "Jolly Snowmen".  What a wonderful kit this is!  So many fabulous elements, I wanted to use them all!  I was only able to scratch the surface however so I'll be sure to use this kit again and again.  You can get it at Lollipops and Gumdrops.  Thank you for this wonderful kit Sue!

Mask of choice: I used two masks, gemsmask192, available from her blog HERE and DBVXmasMask06, available HERE.

Plug-in needed: Eye Candy Nature, Snow Drift and Eye Candy Impact, Gradient Glow (optional, used on text only).

Snow animation, which I've made available HERE.  If this is your animation, please e-mail me so I can give proper credit or remove it.  Thanks!

Font of choice: I used Mr. Wade

Animation Shop 

~~ Let's begin! ~~

Open a new image, 750 x 750, white background.

From the kit, open FWrap2 and resize 70%, then 90%.  Copy and paste as a new layer.  Duplicate, mirror and flip.  Arrange so they form a frame.  Add a drop shadow to each, I used H&V 2, Opacity 60, Blur 8.  Merge these two layers together.

Activate your background layer and add a new raster layer.  Select all, copy and paste a paper of choice into the selection (I used Paper21).  Deselect and apply gemsmask192, then merge the mask group.  Use the raster deform tool to change the size of the mask so it fits inside the frame (see my tag for reference).

Using the rectangle selection tool, draw a selection around the frame, like this:
Add a new raster layer and move it below the mask layer.  Flood fill with white, deselect.

Using the rectangle selection tool once again, draw a selection around the bottom 2/3 of the frame.  Add a new raster layer.  Apply Eye Candy Nature; Snow Drift.  Under the Settings tab, choose Large, Large Snow Pile From Bottom and adjust the settings under the Basic tab to this:

Duplicate the drift and mirror.  Arrange as desired at the bottom of the frame and use the eraser to remove anything that sticks out the bottom or sides.  Add a light drop shadow, I used H 0, V -2, Opacity 23, Blur 12.

Now add your elements, I used:

Tree1: resize 40%, then 90%.  Duplicate and mirror, resize 85%.  Duplicate again and resize 85%.
PolarBear1: resize 25%, then 90%.
Santa Sled: resize 40%.
lampPost1: do not resize, use eraser to remove bottom part that shows beneath frame.
Snowman3: resize 35%.
Snowman6: resize 25%, then 90%.
SnowmanSled1: resize 25%.

Apply drop shadow to all elements.

Activate the background layer and add a new raster layer.  Select all.  Copy and paste a paper of choice into the selection and deselect.  Apply mask DBVXmasMask06 and merge mask group.

Hide the background layer, activate the crop tool and click on the "merged opaque" button on the far right of the top toolbar.  This will crop your tag without cutting off any of your mask or drop shadows.

Add your name and other info, along with a saying of choice (I used "Happy Holidays") then hide the frame, sled, saying, and name layers.  Merge visible all other layers.  You should have something that looks like this:
Rename this layer Background.

Hide the Background layer and merge visible all other layers, you should have something that looks like this:
Rename this layer Frame.

Let's animate!

Activate the Background layer and copy.  Open Animation Shop, right click on the workspace and choose "Paste As A New Animation".

Open the snow animation I supplied.  Click Animation > Resize Animation.  Resize 110%, bicubic resample.  Note that there are 10 frames in the animation, so we need to have 10 frames in your new tag.  Right click on your tag and choose "Duplicate Selected".  Keep doing this until you have 10 frames.  Click Edit > Select All.

Activate the snow animation.  Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy.

Activate your tag once again and click Edit > Paste > Into Selected Frame.  Carefully place the snow animation over your scene, left click to place.  If you make a mistake, simply undo and try again.  Check the result by clicking View > Animation.  Once you're happy with the result, it's time to finish the tag.

Back in PSP, activate the frame layer and copy.  Paste as a new animation in AS > Edit > Copy > Edit > Propagate Paste.

Activate your tag.  Edit > Paste > Into Selected Frame.  Arrange the frame over your snow scene, left click to place.  Resize your tag as desired, I resized 85%.  Check the result a final time and if you're happy with it, save your tag as a gif.  You're all finished!

Thanks for trying my tutorial and I'd love to see your results!

Hugs, Carol

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