08 November 2010

A Girlie Christmas (PTU)

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A Girlie Christmas 

This tutorial was written by me on November 8th, 2010 and is the result of my own ideas.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional.

PSP Version used: X2, but should work in other versions.

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop. 

Supplies Needed 

Scrap kit of choice: I used an adorable scrap kit named "A Girlie Christmas" by Brooke of Sweet Diva Dzigns.  This kit is sooo cute!!  Beautiful papers and adorable accents make it a lot of fun to play with.  Thank you for letting me use it Brooke!  You can get it at Butterfly Blush Designs.

Tube of choice: I'm using the whimsical art of Cris de Lara, which you can purchase from CILM.

Mask of choice: I used the Star Fade Border mask by Essex Girl, which you can download from her site HERE (page 12)

Font of choice: I used Kidprint

Plug-in used: Eye Candy Impact; Gradient Glow (Optional, used for name only)

Animation Shop

Let's make a new tag!

Place the mask in your PSP masks folder or a folder of your choice.

Open a new image, 750 x 650, white background.

From the kit, open frame2, copy and paste as a new layer.

Using the freehand selection tool, draw a selection around the frame, like this:

 Open a paper of choice, copy and paste as a new layer.  Invert the selection and tap delete, move the paper below the frame.  Deselect.

Open xmasdec2 and resize 70%.  Add a drop shadow, I used H&V 2, Opacity 58, Blur 6.  Copy and paste as a new layer, move to the top of the frame.  Duplicate and flip.  Duplicate the original once again and free rotate 90 degrees right.  Position on the right side of the frame and use the eraser tool to get rid of the excess.  Duplicate and mirror.  When you're happy with the positioning of these four layers, hide your background,  frame and paper layers and merge visible.  Duplicate this merged layer twice for a total of three.  Rename each layer Lights 1, Lights 2, and Lights 3.  We'll come back to these later.

Drop shadow the frame, I used H&V 0, Opacity 58, Blur 10.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.  Resize as desired, move below the frame and to the left side.  Drop shadow.

Add the elements:

littlebow2: resize 60%, free rotate left 25 degrees
pbear1: resize 40%
pbear2: resize 45%
stockings1: resize 70%, duplicate and mirror
xmastree: resize 60%
Add as many of the xmasballs as you would like.  Resize each 15% and then a further 80 - 85%.

Drop shadow the elements, I used H&V 2, Opacity 58, Blur 6.

Let's add another paper to the bottom part of the tag to give the appearance of a carpet under the tree and the tube.  Using the selection tool set to rectangle, draw a selection at the bottom part of the frame, like this:

Open a paper of choice, resize 70%, copy and paste as a new layer.  Invert the selection and tap delete.  Add a drop shadow, H 0, V -2, Opacity 58, Blur 8.  Voila!  Instant carpet.

Activate the background layer and add a new raster layer.  Selections > Select All.  Open a paper of choice from the kit, copy and paste into the selection.  Deselect.  Apply the mask and merge the mask group.  Use the raster deform tool to adjust the size as desired.

Hide all layers above the frame, then merge visible.  Unhide the layers once again and merge the bows down into one layer.

Hide Lights 2 and Lights 3 layers and activate Lights 1.  Using the magic wand with the Mode set to Add, Match Mode set to RGB Value, Tolerance set to 20 and Feather set to 0, click inside all the green light bulbs.  Once they're all selected, go to Adjust > Brightness and Contrast > Brightness/Contrast > set the Brightness to 50 and the Contrast to 0, click OK.

Hide the Lights 1 layer and unhide and activate the Lights 3 layer.  Adjust the Brightness again, but this time set the Brightness to -50 (contrast is always set to 0).

So now the green light bulbs are set this way: Lights 1 layer, they're brighter, Lights 2 layer they're the original colour, Lights 3 layer, they're darker.

Deselect and then use the magic wand to select all the pink bulbs.  Repeat the steps with the Brightness/Contrast adjustment only this time, make the lighter bulbs in Lights 2, original colour in Lights 3 and darker in Lights 1.  Continue in this manner for the blue and purple bulbs.

Add your name and all applicable copyright and license information.  Crop your tag.

Hide Lights 2 and 3.  Make sure all other layers are open.  Right click on your tag and choose Copy Merged.

Open Animation Shop.

Right click on the workspace and choose Paste As A New Animation.

Back in PSP, hide Lights 1 and open Lights 2.  Right click and copy merged.

In AS, right click on the tag and choose Paste > After Current Frame.  Repeat for Lights 3 layer.

Edit > Select All.  Animation > Frame Properties > change to 17.

View > Animation to see your tag in action!  Resize Animation 85% and save as a gif.

Whew!  You're done!  I hope you enjoy your new tag!

Hugs, Carol

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