13 December 2009

Tasty Treats (PTU)

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Tasty Treats 

This tutorial was written by me on December 13th, 2009.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

PSP Version used: PSP X2, but should work in other versions.

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP, its tools and functions. 

Tools Needed

 Scrap kit of choice: I used an awesome PTU kit called "BakaRama" by Angel's Designz, available at Scrapper's Secret.  I love this kit, it has lots of elements, frames, papers and word art and was a lot of fun to work with!  Thanks so much Kelly!

Tube of choice: I'm using the wonderful art of Rion Vernon aka Pinup Toons with a valid license.  You can purchase his tubes from CILM.

Template: #15 from Melissaz Creationz.  Download from her blog HERE (scroll down, links are on the right).  Thanks so much Melissa!

Mask: Vix_Mask177, available to download from her site HERE.

Please remember to say "thank you" when you download from these wonderful peeps who freely share their time and effort!

Font of choice, I used A&S Graceland.

Drop shadow used throughout: H&V 2, Opacity 50, Blur 5.

Ready?  Let's begin!

Open your template in PSP, duplicate and close the original.  Delete raster 10.  Add a new raster layer, flood fill with white and send to the bottom.  Image > Canvas Size > change canvas size to 650 x 650 so you have room to work, we'll resize later.

Starting with Raster 8 (large circle), Selections > Select All > Selections > Float > Selections > Defloat.  Open a paper of choice from the scrap kit, resize as desired, copy and paste as a new layer.  Selections > Invert > Delete.  Selections > Select None.  Delete Raster 8.

Continue in this manner for all the layers, working your way to the top and deleting the originals as you go.

For some of the papers, I adjusted the colour a bit to better match my tube.  For instance, for Raster 6 and copy of Raster 6, I adjusted the brightness and contrast of the paper I chose.  Adjust > Brightness and Contrast > set brightness to 25 and contrast to 10.  You may wish to do the same, depending on your tube and the paper you choose.

For Raster 5 and copy of Raster 5, I changed the hue and saturation.  Adjust > Hue and Saturation > Colorize > set hue to 211 and saturation to 238.  Again, this will depend on your tube and paper choices.

Now have some fun and choose the elements you want to add to your tag.  I used Bowl1, Cake, Cupcake 4, 5, 7, Flower2, Hard Candy Jar, Jelly Beans Jar, Measuring Spoons, Sugar Cookie Butterfly Pink, Whisk and Wooden Rolling Pin.  There's lots of elements to choose from, so have fun with it!!  Resize each element as needed and arrange on your tag.  I placed the cake in the center frame and grouped the cupcakes together in the left frame, merged them together, duplicated, mirrored and placed the copy in the right frame.  I arranged the other elements at the bottom left of my tag, with the jars behind the bowl and rolling pin and the whisk placed so it looks like it's leaning on the rolling pin.  I placed the measuring spoons at the bottom corner of my left frame and used the eraser to remove bits of it so it looks as if it's hanging from the frame.

Add your tube, place on the right side of your tag.

Open a word art of choice, I used Word Art 1.  Resize as desired and place at the top left of your tag.  I changed the color of "Tasty Treats" by using my color replacer tool.  If you wish to make it look like mine, change your foreground color to #f56efd (your chosen color) and your background color to #f16d99, (the color you wish to change).  Choose the color replacer tool from the fly-out menu on the side menu bar (see image below for location).  With the brush size set to 55, Step 10, Hardness, Density, Thickness set to 100, Rotation 0 and Tolerance 20, left click and paint over the text.  Viola!  Instant color change!
Make sure you've added drop shadows to your layers and everything is arranged to your liking, then hide your background and merge visible.

Unhide your background layer and highlight.  Add a new raster layer and flood fill with a color that compliments your tube or kit, I used #bbd9ac.  Layers > Load/Save Mask > Load Mask From Disk.  Find Vix_Mask177 and apply using these settings: Source luminance, fit to canvas, hide all mask and invert transparency unchecked.  In your layer palette, right click on your mask and choose Merge > Merge Group.  Resize your mask layer 95%.

Hide your background layer, activate your crop tool and select the Merged Opaque button on the far right of the top menu bar.  Click the green check mark to crop your tag.

Now add your name and all applicable copyright and license information.  Resize as desired, save as a jpg or png file and you're finished!  Enjoy your new tag!

Hugs, Carol


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