02 December 2009

Christmas Magic (PTU)

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Christmas Magic 

This tutorial was written by me on December 2nd, 2009.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

PSP Version used: PSP X2 but should work in other versions.

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop. 

Tools Needed 

Scrap kit of choice: I used an absolutely gorgeous PTU kit called "Lilac Christmas" from Baby Cakes Scraps.  This kit is beautiful and I will be making more tags with it for sure!  You can purchase it at Sunflower Scraps Boutique.

Masked background, included in supplies.  The photo used is courtesy of Stock Exchange.

Twink animation, included in supplies.

Snow animation, included in supplies.

Tube of choice, I'm using a wonderful free to use tube by Zindy S.D. Nielsen.  You can download it from her site HERE.  Thank you Zindy!

Font of choice, I'm using A&L Snapper Script.

Supplies: HERE 

Ok, let's make a new tag! 

Unzip your supplies and open the background image in PSP.  Open a new image, 650 x 500, white background.  Copy and paste the background image as a new layer.

From the scrap kit, open bcs_sleigh_two.  Resize 30%, then 60%.  Move in front of the moon, see my tag for placement.  Apply a drop shadow of choice, I used H&V 2, Opacity 55, Blur 5. 

Right click on tag, Copy Merged.

Open Animation Shop, right click on workspace, choose Paste As A New Animation.

Edit > Duplicate Selected.  Continue doing this until you have 10 frames.  Edit > Select All 

Open your snow animation.  Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy

Make sure your new tag is active, then go to Edit > Paste > Into Selected Frame.  Place your snow animation on your tag and left click to paste it.  You will need to do this twice, in order to fill the tag with snow.  I pasted the first on the right side of my tag, and then lined up the second with the first.  If you don't get it placed correctly the first time, simply undo and retry until you like what you see.

Animation > View to see what your animated tag looks like.

Back in PSP, open bcs_tree.  Resize 40%, then 80%.  Copy and paste as a new layer, place on the left side of your tag.  Drop shadow

Open your tube, if you're using the same tube I did, I resized 50%.  Copy and paste as a new layer.  Add drop shadow and place to the right of the tree.

Open bcs_word_art_two, resize 50%, then 75%.  Place on the right side of your tag, see my tag for reference.  Drop shadow.

Feel free to add any other elements you like, I chose to keep this tag simple.  This kit has many gorgeous elements to choose from, so have fun with it!

Add your name, I used A&S Snapper Script, size 72, Stroke 1, FG colour #f6f6f6, BG colour #422a88.  Add drop shadow.

Add all applicable copyright and license information.

Now hide your background, masked image and sleigh layers.  Right click on your tag and choose Copy Merged.

Back in Animation Shop, right click on your workspace and choose Paste As A New Animation.  Edit > Copy.

Activate the tag you created earlier, Edit > Select All.  Make sure the Propagate Paste button in the top menu is selected and then go to Edit > Paste > Paste Into Selected Frame.  Place over your background and left click to paste.

View > Animation to make sure everything is working the way it should.

Now open the Animation 8 twink.  Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy.

Activate your tag, make sure all frames are selected, then Edit > Paste > Paste Into Selected Frame.  Do this as many times as you like, until you've added all the twinks you want.

Resize your tag if you like, I resized mine 90%.  Save as a gif and you're done!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and remember I'd love to see your results!

Hugs, Carol

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