19 November 2009

Kissable (PTU)

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This tutorial was written by me on November 19th, 2009.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

PSP Version used: PSP X2 but should work in other versions.

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP, its tools and functions.

Tools Needed 

Scrap kit of choice: I used a PTU kit called "Pink Chicklette" by Scraps With Attitude, which can be purchased HERE.  Thanks for this awesome kit Missy!

Template: #290 which you can download from Divine Intentionz.

Tube and close-up of choice.  I'm using the incredible art of Denis Rino with a valid license.  If you'd like to use the same tube, you can purchase it HERE.

Font of choice, I'm using Miss Le Gatees.

Plug-in needed: Eye Candy 4000, Gradient Glow.

Animation Shop.

Ready?  Let's get started!

Open your template in PSP, duplicate and close original.  Resize all layers 85%.  Image > Canvas Size > change the canvas size to 700 x 550 so you'll have room to work.  Delete the copyright layer and unhide the background layer.  Use your flood fill tool to fill in the empty area with white.

Highlight the circle.  Ctrl+A+F to float and then Ctrl+Shift+F to defloat.  Choose a paper from your scrap kit, resize if desired, then copy and paste as a new layer.  Ctrl+Shift+I to invert your selection, hit delete.  Ctrl+D to deselect.  Apply a drop shadow of choice, delete the original circle layer.

Repeat above for all the other circle layers as well as for the "kissable" text.  When you have "left circle 2" selected, copy and paste your close-up tube, invert and delete to get rid of the excess.  Lower opacity to 50.  Copy this layer and mirror, see my tag for reference.

Highlight the heart layer, float, defloat.  Using your color replacer tool which is located in the fly-out menu right under your paint brush tool (see picture below) change the colour of the heart to one that compliments your kit or your tube.  I chose to use the same pink colour as my large circle.  Change your foreground colour to the colour you want to use, and your background colour should be the colour you want to replace.  To change the background colour, I used the eyedropper tool to right-click on the deep pink of the heart, and then used it to left-click on my pink paper layer to change the foreground colour.  Now using your colour replacer tool, left-click and "paint" over the heart.  Presto!
Use the same method to change the colour of the small text within the heart.  I used the light gray colour from one of my circles.

Copy and paste your other tube and center it on your tag.

From the scrap kit, open Flower Bunch 1.  Resize 70%, then 85%.  Place on the top left side of your tag and move down to just above the background layer.  Duplicate and mirror.

Open Rose 1, resize 50%, copy and paste as a new layer.  Free rotate right 15 degrees.  Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen.  Duplicate and mirror, move next to the original rose.  Open Rose 2, resize 50%, copy and paste as a new layer.  Place this rose in the middle of the other 2 (see my tag).  Drop shadow each rose then merge down twice so all 3 roses are on the same layer.  Move behind the glittered kissable layer.  Duplicate the roses and mirror, erase any parts of the stem that show beneath the text.  See my tag for positioning.

Open Butterfly 2 and 3.  Resize as you like and place around your tag.

Add your name and place where you like. I also added a gradient glow using Eye Candy 4000 with these settings:

Under the Basic tab: Glow Width: 3, Soft Corners: 0, Overall Opacity: 100
Under the Color tab: choose Medium.

Add all applicable copyright and license information.

Add a drop shadow of choice to all layers except for the heart layer.

Hide your background layer, select your crop tool, and click the merged opaque button.  Click the green check mark to crop your tag.  If you're unsure where to find this button, it's explained more thoroughly in my "Joyeux Noel" tut.

Highlight your glittered kissable layer, duplicate twice for a total of three copies.  We're going to add a noise effect.

On the original copy; Adjust > Add/Remove Noise > Add Noise with these settings: Uniform, Noise: 45%, Monochrome checked.

On the first copy; change the noise setting to 43%

On the second copy; change the noise setting to 47%

Highlight the heart layer.  Selections, float, defloat.  Selections > Modify > Contract > contract by 5.  Selections > Invert.

Duplicate the heart layer twice for a total of three copies.

Use the same method and settings above to add noise to the frame of your heart layer.  Selections > Select None.  Now add a drop shadow to each heart.

Time to animate!

Open Animation Shop 

In PSP, hide copy 1 and 2 of your glittered kissable layers, leaving only the original copy open.  Do the same with your heart layer.  Right click on your tag and select Copy Merged.

In AS, Edit > Paste > As New Animation.

Back in PSP, hide the original copy of the glittered kissable layer and the heart layer.  Unhide copy 1 of both layers, right-click and copy merged.

In AS, right click on your tag and choose Paste > After Current Frame.

Back to PSP again, hide copy 1 of glittered kissable and heart layers.  Unhide copy 2 of each.  Right-click, copy merged.

In AS, right click on your tag, Paste > After Current Frame.

View > Animation to see your tag in action!

Animation > Resize Animation and change to a size you're happy with.

Save as a gif and you're finished!!  Thanks for trying my tutorial and I'd love to see your tag!

Hugs, Carol


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