05 January 2018


This tutorial was written by me on January 5, 2018 and was written assuming you have a general knowledge of PSP.  You will need the following supplies:

Beautiful tube by Verymany, "Steampunk 6", available for purchase HERE.

Gorgeous PTU kit by Tiny Turtle Designs, available HERE.

Template #30 from Horseplay's Pasture HERE.  Thank you Bev!

Font used: Fusty Saddle, available HERE.

Mask: I used mask # 172 from Gem's Taggin' Scraps, HERE.  (She hasn't updated her blog in quite a while and it's difficult to see the link, but it's there and it's still working.)  :)

Eye Candy 4000; Gradient Glow

Drop shadows used:

Scrap elements: 2, 2, 55, 12
Template elements (Circles): 0, 0, 55, 15
Tube: -4, 2, 55, 15

~~ Remember to save often! ~~

Place the mask in your PSP mask folder or a folder of your choice.

Open HPD Template #30, Shift + D to duplicate; close original.  Delete the Copyright layer and change the canvas size to 900 x 900.  Activate the background layer and flood fill the blank area with white.

I deleted all the circle background layers.  If you decide to keep them, simply recolour them as you wish or leave them as is if you prefer.  I've done this before when using this template.

Activate Circle 1, select all, float, defloat.  From the kit, open Paper 1 and resize 70%.  Copy and paste as a new layer and position where you like inside the selection.  Invert the selection and tap delete.  Deselect.

Repeat these steps for Circles 2 & 3:

Circle 2: Paper 5, resize 50%

Circle 3: Paper 2, resize 50%

Apply drop shadow settings as shown above or use your own.

Activate the Colour Replacer Tool (mine is located in the fly-out menu directly under the paint brush tool).  Change the Foreground to #834139 and the Background to white.  Change the brush size to 125 and leave all other settings as is.  Activate Circle 1 Ring, left click and paint the ring with the colour replacer brush.

Repeat for Circle Ring 2 & 3.

Open the tube, copy and paste as a new layer; resize 50%, then 95%.  Apply drop shadow above or use your own settings.

Add your elements.  I used:

#1 - Do not resize
#3 - Resize 22%
#9 - Resize 30%
#28 - Resize 20%, then 70%
#33 - Resize 50%
#86 - Resize 80%
#97 - Resize 80%
#99 - Resize 50%

Apply drops shadow above or use your own settings.

Arrange all layers to your satisfaction, then hide the background layer and merge visible.

Unhide the background layer and add a new raster layer.  Select all.

From the kit, copy paper 16 and paste into the selection.  Deselect and apply gemsmask 172; merge mask layers.  Use the raster deform tool to adjust mask size and placement.

Crop and resize your tag.  I resized mine to 685 x 660.

Add your name.  I used Fusty Saddle, size 72, stroke 0, black.

Apply Eye Candy 4000, Gradient Glow with the following settings:

Under the Colour tab: select Thin from the list and change the colour to #

Under the Basic tab:

Glow Width: 5
Soft Corners: 0
Overall Opacity: 100
Draw Only Outside Selection: checked

Click OK.

Apply drop shadow - 2, 2, 55, 5

Add all applicable copyright and license information.

Save your tag as a png and you're finished.  Enjoy your new tag.  :)

Thanks for visiting!


02 January 2018

An update

Hi everyone!

First of all, Happy New Year!!  May you all enjoy good health, happiness and prosperity in 2018!

I hope nobody keels over in shock at seeing me posting again but I wanted to post an update.  :)  I've been dealing with a lot of real life issues for the past year and a half, nothing serious, just things that have kept me very busy and away from PSP.  I was also getting a little burned out so I figured a break would do me good.  I'm happy to say I'm getting back into tag making again (I'm pretty rusty however, LOL) and I've rediscovered my love for creating.  I'm busy with some waaaay overdue housekeeping on the blog, trying to fix broken links and missing pictures.  After that, I'm hoping to be back with a tutorial or two.

So, if there's anyone still out there, watch this space, LOL.

Love you all,

26 March 2016


Hello everyone, I just wanted to post a quick note regarding the lack of updates and tutorials.  

Due to real life obligations I just don't have the time to devote to tutorial writing at the present time.  I haven't even opened PSP in months.  I love to create tags and will return to it as soon as I can, but it won't be for a while.  Thank you to everyone who visits and thanks to those who have sent me emails recently.  I promise I'm fine, just busy with life and will return as soon as I can.  :)